Civic Memorials

Civic Memorials

Our triumphs and losses, our citizens and heroes. We’ll help you create a memorial to remember them forever.

Your history is our work

You can see some of our work at the Wakefield War Memorial in Massachusetts, the Upper Big Branch Miners Memorial in Whitesville, WV and the National September 11 Memorial Museum most recent installation, 9/11 Memorial Glade. Projects can range from small plaques and markers, to vast walls of granite and soaring obelisks. They may include statues, flags, landscape gardens, porticos, stone benches, fountains or eternal flames. Whatever your vision, our team can help you create a memorial of any size or scope.

American stone for
American memorials

It’s a monument’s design details, rich with meaning, that communicate a story to their audience. For your American war or community memorial, choose a material that reflects pride in country. Rock of Ages offers several monument stones from company owned and operated quarries right here in the US.

Design and planning

Our team will manage the entire project from design through fabrication to installation, backed by the only perpetual warranty in the industry.

Stone colors and finishes

Our memorials are made of the highest grade monument stone and come in a range of colors and textures, from grey and black granite to white marble.

Find the color that’s right for you.

Two of our best sellers are BLUE GRAYⓇ granite from Vermont, known for its ability to take a mirror polish, and BLACK MISTⓇ granite from Pennsylvania, known for its naturally occurring true black color. None of our stones are treated with dyes or resins and therefore hold their color for as long as the monument stands.

The story
of David Fournier


David Fournier is a 35-year stonework veteran. He began his career as a monument drafting apprentice, going on to work on mausoleums and architectural pieces, before becoming a member of the Rock of Ages’ Large Project and Special Features Design Department.

The perpetual warranty

Whatever happens, there is no expiration date.
This is our uncompromising promise.

Find a memorial counselor in your area

Our team of authorized retailers know everything there is to know about designing and installing monuments – even cemetery regulations. Patient and sensitive, they’ll take the time to help you choose the right memorial to invest in.